ALS One Run For Life

All proceeds from this event will go directly to the ALS One Foundation, an unprecedented partnership of many of the leading neurologists, researchers and care specialists in the world. Through ALS ONE, these institutions have committed to a goal of identifying a treatment and cure for ALS within four years with proper funding. ALS ONE simultaneously works to improve the care model and quality of life for persons living with ALS. Like many I knew little about ALS until my Uncle John was diagnosed. It was shocking to learn that in a time of incredible medical advances there still exists a disease that has no definitive diagnostic test, a disease that has no viable treatment, a disease that has no cure! It was my uncle’s strength in becoming involved with the ALS ONE Foundation that inspired me to join in his fight. ALS One is a grassroots foundation founded by Kevin Gosnell and his passion to bring ALS into the forefront and the funding needed for progress to be made! Please visit the ALS One website to learn more at

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